No Branch Can Bear Fruit By Itself, It Must Remain In The Vine.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to restoring the health and wealth of women of all nations.


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Providing Basic Essentials, Spiritual Growth, Counseling, and Financial Education To Wounded Women and Children.
” We want to enable wounded women to redefine who they are”
Bella Holland,
Founding Member
Respect & Compassion

Our Support

Housing Assistance

Rental & mortgage assistance ensures a safe home, in which a reliable and trusting foundation can be built

Basic Essentials

Basic essentials, including food and clothing, are absolutely necessary for physical, mental and spiritual healing

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling connects self-reflection and growth with a sense of purpose and community

Financial Education

Financial education provides skills and knowledge that help unlock opportunities and enable future success

Career Resources

Career education and planning resources help enable long-term stability and community involvement.

Healing & Empowerment

Our Goals

Our first step is to focus on creating a sense of safety and trust. We provide basic essentials, like food & clothing, combined with a safe and nurturing environment that allows trust to build and healing to begin.

Self-discovery and reflection allow passions to blossom and as a result, confidence grows. We help channel these passions and new-found confidence into areas that are productive and valuable to the community.

Future stability is achieved through effective planning and wise decisions. By teaching life skills and providing a strong financial understanding, we help create a future full of opportunity and success.

Our Vision

“Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service.”

~Mother Teresa

Our non-profit organization is based in Jacksonville, FL. We are committed to helping women and children that feel isolated and alone. These women and children often feel shunned by society and may have trouble seeing their true value. At The Vineyard International, we focus on bringing hope and stability back to these women and children. We pull them into our vine and help them to grow into their full potential.

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Counseling sessions, prayer groups, and individual prayers - in person and remote
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