Our Ministry Services

Live Events
We offer live events on most weekdays. Counseling sessions along with Individual and group prayer calls are available. Take a look!
Healing and Empowering

We help all branches bear their fruit

Here at The Vineyard, we aim to provide the skills and knowledge that empower women and children to be strong, confident individuals. We ensure a safe and trusting environment that allows healing to occur naturally, and we provide education, training, and professional assistance to ensure continued health and prosperity.

Support & Education

Our Core Services


Petite Investors

We instill our youth with a sharp financial & investment mindset

We teach children, teenagers and young adults the importance of being financially responsible. We want our participants to understand the value of money.  We want them to settle into the mindset that it is imperative to save and multiply money.  We teach the basics of how money is invested and how to read the NYSE.

Women's Ministry

We help women heal and reclaim their individual power

Our goal is to encourage and equip women to experience spiritual and emotional healing through the knowledge and power that God freely gives.  We offer woman to woman understanding and counsel to empower women to fight spiritual battles.


Financial Education

We provide the skills and knowledge to achieve financial freedom

Financial Education is essential to assisting individuals on the road to financial freedom.  Knowledge opens the door to making better financial decisions.  We provide courses such as personal finance, credit restoration and a plethora of other financial education resources.  

Leadership Program

We support our current leaders and nurture future leaders

The purpose of the Leadership Program is to support existing leaders and develop future leaders committed to seeking the heart and mind of Christ regarding the Great Commission.  The Great Commission involves sharing the love, teachings, and salvation that the Father has made available to all of mankind and making disciples from every nation.